France, three young surfers save a woman from drowning

The three young surfers of the Bidasoa Surf Club. © Crédit photo : Marion Vacca

The three friends did not hesitate, despite the water at 11 degrees.

This Friday, January 28, around 4:30 p.m., the beach was uncrowded and the water was 11°C… Unai Lobato, Paul Rey and Alai Rodriguez, students at Saint-Vincent and Irandatz colleges were ready for specific surfing training with their instructor from the Bidasoa Surf Club.

Just after the warm-up, they were stopped by a person telling them that a lady seemed about to drown. The latter had put her bag in the rocks before entering the water with her clothes, then had walked far until she lost her footing.

In hypothermia

The young boys did not hesitate to get on their bodyboards and rowed to join her as quickly as possible. She waved her arms and seemed in great difficulty. “We straightened the board, hoisted it up so it was less cold and brought it back to the edge. We took off his down jacket, then wrapped him in our ponchos,” say the young surfers.

The firefighters quickly arrived and took this shocked and hypothermic lady to the hospital after recovering her bag containing dry clothes. Unai, Paul and Alai, chilled with cold, will remember this great surf session...

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