SAILING DIARIES: Surfing Monster WAVE (Teahupoo)

Photo: @kieranwyse

Sailing with Merewether! It's a story of two passionate Kieran Wyse and Isabelle Nee travellers sailing the world. It's a about adventure and travel. It's a story about a young couple from different continents coming together with one common dream. Tackling unexpected hardship with laughter, whilst beautiful nature scenery is playing in the background. Laughter is the medicine. It's also a story of meeting amazing people that become friends for life. It's about a different way of living, in close connection with the beautiful planet we call home. Click subscribe and join our dream!

In "Sailing Diaries" this time Kieran Wyse gets to live out a childhood dream of his surfing the world famous surf break Teahupoo in beautiful Tahiti, He unfortunately goes down on a few monsters and ends up snapping his leg rope and loosing his board into the lagoon. With the aid of our friends Kieran is reunited with his surfboard which is surprisingly in quite good condition.

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