Mick Fanning and his mother help in the fundraising Madagascar's first National Surf Championships


Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world and though the organisers have secured the basic infrastructure to run the contest, the many surfers wishing to participate from all over the country do not have the means to travel to Toliara for the contest nor the money for their accommodation or food. Hence the reason for setting up this GoFundMe.

Surfing is very young in Madagascar and most locals take up surfing on pieces of broken wood, just like the Duke Kahunamoko days in Hawaii. Its great to see them now progress being given old boards or borrowing surf boards from travelling surfers.

The kids are so enthusiastic and focused Its so amazing.

It doesn't matter how small the donation is, any money would be greatly appreciated and bring so much joy to kids who have nothing, like kids here in Australia. I truly hope we can get this competition off the ground!

Just a last little shout out to 3x World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning for jumping on board and also to his mum who’s been instrumental in helping us get this whole thing off the ground legendary stuff and Maui will no doubt be sending you an abundance of perfect little barrels in appreciation thanks so much guys. Blair and Edward, Anakao Beach, Southwest Madagascar xx

Let’s help making it happen! 


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