The Azores as a renaissance | With Justin Becret and Kyllian Guerin (Full movie)

They certainly didn't expect to surf in those conditions. When they flew with us for this unknown destination, Justin Becret and Kyllian Guerin were (very) far from suspecting that they would surf one of the best swell of the year on the Azorean archipelago. 

After a year of pandemic, restrictions and daily frustrations, came the time to hit the road again to find that feeling of adventure and to do something fresh. In every sense of the word.

Justin Becret - "For me this trip was a breath of fresh air in a daily life that was becoming a bit too dull and monotonous". 

Kyllian Guerin - "For two and a half months I was in Costa Rica surfing small waves in boardshorts. Suddenly I switched to a wetsuit, lost on an island, scoring a super intense swell. This feeling of going on a trip without knowing where you're going, with a good friend and scoring with almost nobody in the water is what surfing is all about". 

Time : 17 minutes

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