Oil and water will never mix | Orange County, California

An oil slick larger than the size of Santa Monica, nearly 8,320 acres, has made its way into the waters of Orange County.

A pipeline off the coast of Huntington Beach known as Elly, exhibited a failure causing 126,000 gallons of crude oil to spill into the waters of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, California.

So far, fish, birds, beaches, and the Talbert Marsh ecological reserve have been threatened the most by the crude. We do know that the pipeline has been patched, however as of Sunday some oil continues to spill from the source.

We stand behind the Surfrider Foundation in their tireless efforts to help mitigate the disastrous effects from this weekend’s 130,000-gallon spill off of Huntington Beach.

Visit the link to learn how you can helpThe Surfrider Foundation 

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