Cold Water Slabs of the Great North with Mathea Olin | WILD BEAUTY

Canadian surfer Mathea Olin isn’t just satisfied surfing the friendly waves of her hometown, she’s passionate about chasing the best barrels her beloved homeland has to offer. Traveling by boat and sleeping under tents, Olin proves that when searching for perfection, the hard-yards always pay off. She finds exactly what she's looking for with just the snow-capped mountains and a couple of Canada’s best surfers for company. 

Motivated by Pete Devries and Noah Cohen, Olin pushes herself like never before to overcome her fears and take on the great north’s most notorious slab, and the result are shown here, in Wild Beauty. Get to know one of North America’s most underrated future surf stars are she strives to better herself in the frozen and rugged yet stunning land and seascapes of Canada.

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