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SURFLIX AUSTRALIA is a Gold Coast based group of film makers who surf and love the ocean and the surfing lifestyle . We try to capture what it feels like to be sitting on the sand watching the surfers and waves or being out the back in the lineup and seeing the crazy drop ins . All the surfers get in these videos from people learning to surf to the pro's , from the grom's  to Kelly Slater , from your grandad to John John Florence or your little sister who rips harder than your mate . Some days there are Big Waves and some days there are small waves , some days you need the shortboard , some days you need the long board , the fish or the tow board . When the swell hits we will be there from the reef breaks to the point breaks and sand bottom beaches , from sunsets to storms , cyclones to tsunami , winter , summer , spring and autumn . The east coast to the west coast , south coast and north shore we will find the swell on a island , river mouth or a sand bank wedge to a heavy Shore break , wave pool or lake . We will get the barrels , airs , carves , cutbacks , slashes , floaters , ally ops , wipeouts , bails , fails and drops . Weather its a 10 point ride like in the WSL or a 1 second mush burger ride in the white wash , going over the falls on on a 20 foot slab or slipping on your foamy in 2ft onshore junk . The Stars of this channel are the local chargers who get out of bed at 5 am to beat the crowd , and the workers who spend all day waiting to hit the peaks , points or reefs after work and surf until dark .  thanks to all the locals out there Keep on shredding .. 

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