Rip currents: Safety tips and what to know

If you're one of the millions of people who'll be hitting the beach this summer, make sure you know what to do if you ever find yourself caught in a rip current while swimming.

Here's what you should know about rip currents, according to AccuWeather.

  1. Rip currents aren't just dangerous -- they can be deadly. The phenomenon accounts for about 100 deaths every year at U.S. beaches.

  2. Rip currents don't drag you underwater. Instead, they pull you away from shore.

  3. If you get caught in one, do not try to swim back to shore or panic. These two actions will only cause you to get tired more quickly, which increases the danger.

  4. Instead, swim parallel to the shore. If you are too tried to swim parallel, you can try calmly floating until the current dies down, or you can wave and yell to try to get the attention of a lifeguard.

Watch this video to learn what to do if you're ever caught in a rip current.

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