Surfer Almost Dies Trapped In Cave

The Canary Islands-based big-wave bodysurfer Ahmed Erraji has snatched a harrowing Go Pro clip of his almost-drowning, which bears examining.

Morrocan-born Erraji, who is forty-ish and swings by the nickname Hijo del Mar (son of the sea), ain’t afraid to swim out at thirty-foot Nazaré.

So he knows his chops.

In this short, we watch as Erraji is pushed by an eight-foot wave into a cave in the cliffs.

He don’t die, no plot spoiler there, but Erraji is trapped inside the cave for two-and-a-half hours, waves completely filling his little grotto, causing the viewer some anguish as he tries to imagine how he would react if jammed into a cliff, never knowing if you’d exit etc.

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