Nic just got back from the most insane Sail Boat trip down to the Mentawais. He scored really good Macaronis and double the size Greenbush to the previous trip.

This week we are launching the Macaronis episode and in 10day the Greenbush stuff.

Here are some words from Nic:
"Surfing Macaronis with not many people around has been a dream since a kid, i maybe even everyones dream, its worlds most user friendly wave with barrels to turn to airs, but its usually packed with 30+ people. It was crazy to show up there and surf it for 2 days with very few people around.. You would catch a wave an be straight in line for the next set. I think everyone ended up surfing 60 waves each..
I think this might only happen to me once in a life time."

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