Dane Reynolds edited Chapter 11

It is said that on the day Dane Reynolds publishes the edit, all twenty-five million surfers around the world will immediately leave everything they do and crawl home to the screen. For Australia, this means a strike by most manual workers. For domestic managers, this means a day full of interesting eloquent emails, as less believable: "I can't go to work today, the dog ate the keys and I can't get out the door", or very understandable: "Dane Reynolds, the most important free surfer of our time published edits I let go and absorb. " Ladies and gentlemen, that day is today!

Dane is a concept. It embodies everything that is beautiful in this world . It allegedly smells beautiful. His surfing resonates with even the toughest and most demanding connoisseurs. Some have style, some have a huge repertoire of tricks. Dane has both. Dane was doing nosepick air reverses and clubhouse sandwiches (real tricks) at a time when others were barely doing toothpick floss inverses and double big tasty bacon burgers (fictional tricks). Add to that the fact that Dane decided to do freesurfing and left WSL, giving himself the opportunity to chase the best waves in their best moments. For many, Dane is still the best surfer our blue planet has to offer the galactic empire. I apologize to John John's fans, who are now furiously threatening their fist towards the screen, but I'm not making these things up. I draw from trusted sources.

As for the work, in which Dane, thank God, does not abate , his latest edit is a continuation of the 11TV series . Chapter 11 combines highly above-average surfing in average waves with shots of unsuspecting passers-by. The selection of music is fantastic, don't be surprised if your Spotify surf playlist grows after watching it. According to Dane, this 16-minute edit should capture the essence of surf culture in the zones around the towns of Santa Barbara and Ventura, California. As is well known, Dane has enough for a mainstream audience. He makes films that he especially likes. If you don't feel like going surfing after watching, you're doing something wrong.    

The following surfers appear in CH11: Brad Chisholm, Matt McCabe, Rollo Montez, Josiah Amico, Tommy Mcckeown, Shane Sykes, Jake Kelley, Eithan Osborne, Andrew Doheny, Swift, Mikey McCabe, Micky Clarke, K bone, Jim Martin and 10 years old. Oli Curran.

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