The Return of Brazil's Avalanche

This slabby hell called Avalanche is another of Brazil's mutant horror shows – all the intensity of its siblings like Shock and Mother Island but dialled up to 11. Though you may have seen this work before, you've probably never seen it quite like this.

I mean, just look at this thing! And it comes equipped with all the drama and glory that rallies around a spot such as this.

Capturing everything above (honestly, hit play, like, now) was filmmaker couple Andressa and Jair from Straya Films (@strayafilmes)

“This is the third year in a row that Avalanche showed all its glory in June,” they said. “This wave was recently discovered by the NXF bodyboard (@nxfbodyboard) crew. A local crew that keeps raising the bar every year both paddling and towing.

“They invited slab hunter surfers from Rio de Janeiro to surf together this pumping slab at the city of Vila Velha. It was a truly inspiring experience to film surfers, bodyboarders and even the madman Lucas Fink, a skimboarder - harmoniously share and charge this epic session. They're all friends having a great time in the water.

“It was a three day swell with light winds all day long, which is pretty rare to happen over there. And the southeast pulse with a long period woke up Avalanche and it was pumping all day long on the second day of waves.

“We're seeing these guys year after year pushing up the level and we're looking forward to seeing what comes next when the best slab of Brazil awakes again.”

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