NO CONTEST Australia 2021: The Blue Collar Kings and Queens Of Two Legendary Surf Towns (Part 1/2)

Video by Red Bull Surfing.

The WSL’s 2021 Australian mega-leg kicks off in New South Wales for the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup and Narrabeen Classic — two gritty, blue-collar waves for a world tour of men and women hungry to get back to battle. 

You'll get a front-seat view from the Queen of Narrabeen, Laura Enever, as she walks through the ins and outs of these two legendary surf towns and hangs with the two newest additions to the WSL 2021 tour. Laura then catches up with fellow Narrabeen local Davey Cathels, along with Ryan Callinan and Morgan Cibilic, to find out what really makes their hometown tick.

Psss.... if you missed Part 2, check it out here 👉

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