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Longboard Glassing Time-Lapse [Start to Finish]

A step by step time-lapse video of glassing a longboard.  Surfboard dimensions are 9’2” x 22.75 x 3.  The fiberglass cloth is 6 oz with two layers on the deck and one layer on bottom with a tail patch.  I used Greenlight marine grade epoxy resin with colored tints to create a resin swirl.  I used a Bahne fin box and FCS leash plug.  Logo was printed by boardlams.  Pin lines were made with resin and black pigment. 

More videos in this series:
Shaping video: https://youtu.be/TDDu2JuGyBs
Resin swirl lamination video: https://youtu.be/iUMjqDHoa6U
Glassing Video: https://youtu.be/nf6qWFt5R7s

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