Vague à l'âme

Chasing giant swells is a dream that can quickly turn into a nightmare.
Big Wave Hunters takes an epic dive into the world of big wave surfing. Following the lives of two of its most famous icons, Shane Dorian and Benjamin Sanchis, the film tells the true story of what’s at stake surfing and filming some of the scariest waves on the planet. Why do these men travel the world in search of giant waves? Is it for the money, the prizes, their ego? Or is it one endless passion?
From Jaws to Mullaghmore and Nazaré, we ride with Shane Dorian, Benjamin Sanchis and Justin Becret, sharing their thrills as they write the history of big wave riding.

Directed by Vincent Kardasik & featuring Benjamin Sanchis, Shane Dorian, Jack Robinson, & Justin Becret.

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