Tow-Foil NAZARE, PORTUGAL - Tom Court In The Act

Video by Tom Court.

It has always been a dream of mine to tow-in surf at Nazare in Portugal... one of the gnarliest waves in Europe and a sport that has become a big wave surfing Mecca around the world. So when an oportunity came up for squeeze in a quick tow-foiling session out there with my goods friend Glyn Ovs and Nuno Santos Violino, I jumped at the opportunity. Just like Kai Lenny, I had nothing together, forgot my wetsuit and didn't even see the spot before I was in at the deep end and out on the jet ski!! What an amazing experience to be able to get out and feel the ocean at this incredible spot...

Scoring some medium sized waves, and using the hydrofoil to surf the open ocean humps it was pretty chilled, and great to get a warm up out there before tackling anything too big. It is a crazy spot and definitely on my bucket list to tow into some giant waves on my foil board!!

Stay tuned on my channel for more free ride epic'ness comin

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