THIS is the Absolute DREAM!!

This is the absolute dream. I mentioned my grandpa passing away in a prior VLOG, but this video was filmed on the actual day that it happened. It's been a weird learning process this week dealing with all the emotions that have flown through me experiencing someone so close to me dying, but there's always a common theme in my thought process when I think about it. Life is about THIS MOMENT. It's about living the moment that we're in, enjoying it & making the most of the situations at hand. I've known this for years, but Big Bob's passing has only made my mission in life more powerful. The stoke on Jax face when he took home the surfboard was second to none! This is what life is all about. Taking the moment & making the most of it! I love you NUB NATION, thank you for everything you've given me over the past 5 years. This is the dream & I'm honored to understand this mindset while I'm living. See you next VLOG, for the win! - Ben Gravy

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