LANDLOCKED - SWISS SURFING | Episode 1 | Surf documentary

In this first episode, Michel Bourez and Kai Lenny set the stage for the series and we're introduced to Esteban, Valentin, and Dom (the stars of the show). The boys build their first surfboard and get a taste of one of Switzerland's best rapid waves on the Reuss River in Bremgarten.

Landlocked is a web series about the trials and tribulations of being a surfer in Switzerland. The show stars two budding surfer-shapers, Valentin Milius and Esteban Caballero accompanied by their faithful gonzo photojournalist Dom Daher. This unlikely trio brings you along for the ride as they crisscross a unique surf nation in search of their own perfect wave. Along the way, they introduce you to the present-day movers and shakers, forefathers, and history of Swiss surfing with a little help from the voice of surfing Dave Mailman, who narrates their adventures.

Video by Landlocked - Swiss Surfing.

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