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Handful Of Chargers Take On Remote Indo Reef - Surfing Sumbawa - June 19th, 2021

Thumbnail is at 3:11. We've checked this spot numerous times, often finding it completely empty, so we were pleasantly surprised when a boat load of chargers/pros turned up to a pumping morning session last Saturday. Pro free surfer, Bruno Santos, got stuck into heaps of good waves and made one of the best barrels we've ever filmed at the 3:11 mark. Other notable names out there that morning were Tai 'Buddha' Graham, Mikala Jones, and Aussie legend Jim Banks. From the beach, it's a 15 minute paddle out to this pretty intimidating reef setup, with a menacingly sharp and shallow inside section. This place has already claimed one life a few years ago, so it's no wonder it's often very quiet or empty out there. Apologies for the shaky boat footage - we've never filmed from a boat before, and our cheap camera is not really up to the job to be honest! We're back in Bali for the time being, so expect some videos from here, but we'll hopefully will be venturing to other areas of Indonesia again soon. This video features boat and drone footage. Enjoy!

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