Dynamic Duo | Andrew Kaineder and Russell Bierke

Episode 3 is a short film by Andrew Kaineder showcasing Russell Bierke’s latest and craziest waves. It’s a mix of hi-fi cinematography, low-fi lifestyle, and photographic stills while being backed by a suspenseful and moody original psych-rock score. Andrew used abstract imagery and mixed media of nature and landscapes to help break up the edit. It’s a perfect balance, showcasing Russell’s thrilling big wave skillset and the hard-charging he’s known for. Russ Bierke is a surfer's surfer, quietly spoken, but someone who lets his actions do the talking. With an ability to remain calm in serious situations and a surfing maturity well beyond his years, it is no surprise that Russ has stepped into the world's big wave riding elite. Australian film director Andrew Kaineder focuses on telling genuine human stories. The simplicity of his work is in the beauty, strong cinematography, honest performances and unique audio scores. He has created many award-winning documentaries and narrative films within the surf world, claiming prestigious awards like the AUS surf film of the year. Andrew is passionate about being authentic and aims to push the boundaries. His recent work includes: An Introduction, Flow State, Beyond the Noise and Derek Hynd TV Series.

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