Cozy Cabin Vibes in this TINY Van | Ford Transit Connect DIY Conversion Van Tour!

Video by Milo Meloy
Hello there! I'm Milo, and welcome to my tiny cabin on wheels! Dottie is a 2013 Ford Transit Connect that I self-built into a tiny home containing everything I need to return to full-time van dwelling in Summer 2021! I roam around with my 5-year-old Australian Shepheard, Teller (aka Tilly!), taking lots of pictures and documenting as much as I can. I decided to venture into making videos to share with you all about tiny-van-life, being on the road with a dog, travel photography, and much more! 

If you have any questions about my van, please comment below! I'll be making more videos that go over different aspects of my build in-depth, and I will try my best to go over anything you may want to know.

Timestamps: - Intro: 00:00 - Indoor Kitchen: 00:47 - Office / Workstation: 03:01 - Over-Cab Storage: 04:27 - Expanding Bed: 04:51 - Pullout Outdoor Kitchen: 05:55 - Folding Backdoor Table: 07:50 - Garage Space: 07:57 - Water System: 08:35 - Cab & Passenger Seat Platform: 09:31 - eBike Storage: 10:06 - Sliding Door to Cab: 10:38 - Side Door Storage: 11:04 - Battery: 11:19 - Solar: 11:51 - Roof Fan: 11:57 - Outro: 12:21

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