‘VS Rules’ featuring Mahina Maeda #CHANGEDESTINY


Confidence appears to come naturally to Olympic athletes. Millions watch, awestruck, as a gymnast sticks that perfect landing, or a swimmer bests her competition by a mere hundredth of a second. Whether on the court, in the field or on the mat, their astounding accomplishments and innate grace leave us breathless.

With the debut of the empowering , the athletes battle beauty expectations to #CHANGEDESTINY. After watching the shorts, which artfully fuse groundbreaking animation and are informed by the athletes’ personal experiences, the viewer realizes that they, too, have the power to take destiny into their own hands and resist the pressures which dictate how they should look, act and feel. The stories are inspiring enough on their own—watch as surfer Mahina Maeda confronts a massive wave!—but even more so when you consider that SK-II is contributing $1 for every view (up to $500,000) of each film to the #CHANGEDESTINY fund, which supports women making a positive impact. (Participating organizations will be announced at a later date.)

Viewers meet Mahina Maeda, the surfer who conquered the world’s biggest wave. in she challenges the expectations set around women’s behavior. Tropes like “A beauty must never walk heavy feet” or “A beauty must have smooth hair that a comb goes through easily,” are relegated to their rightful place in the dustbin, as animated and real-life versions of Maeda conquer monster waves, both metaphorical and real.


Let’s check out the full episodes of the “VS” series Here

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