Lunacy | Scariest reef slab break in Australia

Video by SURFING VISIONS (Tim Bonython)

I've seen a lot very dangerous surfing locations but this spot Luna's takes the award for the scariest. Like all crazy slabbing waves in Australia they break on very shallow reefs. The Southern Ocean below Victoria Australia which is all part of the Shipwreck Coast that homes this lethal left hand reef break that not even the locals want to know about. If you wipe-out here, you will end up on the exposed reef on the inside. Out of the two days shooting, i filmed at least 4 surfers that got jammed up onto the inside reef. Watch till the end and you'll know what i mean.                                                   
This place is absolutely mental !!

Lunacy  - Features Jack Baker, Kipp Caddy, Jade McCreddan, Joshua Harry Hall, Jordy Turansky, Brad Stone, Adam Kesbar & Chris Dellar.

I love your passion for what we do..

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