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Vans Surf Presents: Sonic Souvenirs | Surf | VANS

Video from Vans.

Sonic Souvenirs is a series of portraits that takes us on an exploration of art, music and surfing with Mikey February. Our first episode trails Mikey close to home journeying up and down the East and West coast of South Africa. A spiritual - almost mystical visual experience with his natural environment.


Vans Presents a series of portraits with Mikey February
Episode 1 South Africa
Directed by Kai Neville
Produced by We’re Free Radicals
Cinematography Paul Daniel
16mm Cinematography Fabian Vettiger
Still Photography Alan Van Gysen
Art Direction Callum Abbott
Colourist Fergus Rotherham
Original Music by Madala Kunene and Friends
Sound Design Thom Pringle

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