Tokyo Olympic qualified surfer Shino Matsuda surfing in Hawaii

Like it or not, surfing’s inclusion in the Olympics is clearly a big freaking deal. It’s the gold standard for international sport, viewed by millions worldwide, bringing surfing to more television screens than ever before. And the same goes for the athletes who will be competing in surfing’s inaugural appearance in the Games – it will boost their profiles more than any other previous competition, endorsement, or single epic wave ridden.

Take, for example, Shino Matsuda. The 18-year-old Japanese surfer has qualified for the 2021 Games (by being the highest ranked surfer in Asia on the ISA) and yet, on surfing’s current world stage, she’s still relatively unknown. But that’s all gonna change come July 23rd when the Games begin. Best start getting to know Matsuda now, because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of her soon. For starters, see above for a recent edit of her freesurfing in Hawaii.

(Note: The slot is provisional, not confirmed until the 2021 World Surfing Games take place in El Salvador next month. But things are looking good for Matsuda.)

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