Surfing with an ice pack

Not only polar bears can go on ice sheets: in Russia sup surfers have opened the season by traveling on a huge ice floe along the Volga River.

Paddle boarders from Samara, a Russian city located on the left bank of the Volga River , decided to take a ride on a huge ice floe on April 3.

The video, provided by one of the organizers of this unusual swim, Ilya Popov, shows a group of surfers going on a drifting block of ice . According to Ilya Popov, it is the first time that the event called "hijacking of an ice floe" has taken place in Samara continuing the annual tradition of traveling on the ice sheets born in Vladivostok.

Organizers say the trip "was not without adventures" as people watching the swim were so worried about the surfers that they called rescuers who came in the airship and landed the floe on the shore.

The organizers say that all the participants in the event had special clothes and everything necessary to save themselves in case of emergency.

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