Surfing Rules/Etiquette illustrated

Surfing Etiquette, it can be described as the official list of rules for the sport of surfing. It's one of those things that as a learner surfer you NEED to know before hitting the water. By following the below rules/etiquette you will not only be kept safe in the surf but you will also earn respect amoungst fellow surfers.  Having these rules allows us all to surf in harmony with one another.  If there were no rules to surfing the lineup would be total chaos!

1.Do NOT drop in - the surfer closest to the peak has right of way

2. Do NOT Hassel
Surfing Rules

3. Communicate

4. Stay out of the way

5. Hold onto your board

With the growing conflict between old-school surfers and younger surfers,
here’s a quick refresher on surf etiquette that applies to all those who enter the water.

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