SLAB OF THE BEAST woke up again

Laje da Besta, the furious wave woke up again. A large Southeast Swell caused the best big riders in the world to leave for Guanabara Bay, an unusual place where the biggest waves in Rio de Janeiro break, maybe even in Brazil.

A long time waiting for this monster to wake up. It looks like this year is going to be a year of big waves.

The heavyweight team: @Lucas Chumbo, @Pedro Scooby @Carlos Burle, @Lucas Fink, Ian Cosenza, Michelle Des Bouillons, Caio Vaz, Lucas Medeiros, Eric de Souza, Maresias German, Gabriel Sodré, Daniel Rangel , Marcelinho Lifeguard, followed by the first Bodyboarders to break this wave: Leopoldo Neto, Leo Leite and Eric Poseidon. They made history !!!

The best wave season in Rio came with strength and we have already started with total gas !!!

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