Na Wahine O Ke Kai: Mahina Maeda

Photo: Instagram

Mahina Maeda, a candidate for the Japanese national team for the Olympics, has released the latest video "Na Wahine O ke Kai" that challenges the big wave.

The other day, Mahina Maeda, a candidate for the Japanese Olympic team, who signed a management contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo and became a hot topic, released the latest video on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

Mahina Maeda, a junior world champion of WSL and ISA, is also known as the first Japanese female surfer to ride the Big Wave in Nazareth. This video is a documentary video of Mahina challenging the outer reef on the North Shore of Hawaii.

Filmed on the North Shore of Hawaii this season, it shows behind the scenes of the tough training she's done to challenge the Big Wave. Interviews with Kid Peligro, who she calls her master, as well as Big Wave specialists Mark Healy, Paolo Lista, and Mahina's surf coach Ross Williams are also included.

"My goal was to try myself on the big wave," Mahina commented on her social media. The title of this video, "Na Wahine O ke Kai," means "woman of the sea" in Hawaiian. Mahina Maeda, who is active in the world of competition, is challenging a new world and is growing further as a surfer with a big bosom. I look forward to her success in the future.

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