L'ALBATROS | Ludovic Dulou (Full Movie)

L’ALBATROS. A 52-minute documentary dedicated to the story of its ambassador Ludovic Dulou. More than an intimate and authentic portrait of a top athlete, the film the Albatross tells the story of a man's odyssey facing his destiny ...
If once on land "his giant wings prevent him from walking," this Prince of the southern hemispheres is the largest bird of the seas. Without even flapping his wings, this keen connoisseur of the ocean environment, its swells and winds, soars, plunging into the troughs of the waves to climb above the crest of the swell. He thus finds himself in the presence of a headwind, which carries him over very long distances. Able to cover over 22,000 km without rest in 46 days, the Albatross effortlessly crosses the oceans.
The analogy is obvious as the image of our ambassador Ludo Dulou flying over the waves immediately echoes the majestic flight of the albatross.
Ludovic is a French waterman living in Bidart, in the Basque country. Swimming, paddleboarding, big wave surfing and now hydrofoil, this 49-year-old lifeguard has dedicated his life to learning about the ocean and its board and endurance sports. If some people see him as a strange bird, Ludo has always remained true to his values. After living a painful chapter in life, the man continued to write his story. Throwing himself body and soul into his passion. In search of that new life he has always dreamed of.
A true hymn to freedom, the film "The Albatross" tells this story.
For 5 years, the OXBOW teams followed Ludovic in his sporting and human adventures, his paddling competitions like the Molokaï2Oahu in Hawaii, his mystical sessions on a tidal bore in the Entre-deux-mers until this hydrofoil crossing between two Canary Islands.

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