Inside Grant 'Twiggy' Baker's Maverick's Freefall Wipeout

Never-before-seen footage of one of the heaviest wipeouts of the winter

Insane BIGGEST Surfing WIPEOUT and daring RESCUE of all time - Grant "Twiggy" Baker at Mavericks

On the biggest paddle day ever at Mavericks, Twiggy goes down on the first wave of the biggest set of the day and proceeds to get pounded by three more 60ft+ waves. Horror water and drone footage of one of the most insane wipeouts and daring rescues in the history of Surfing.

Rescue by Drake Stanley from Mavericks Rescue.

Times are tough and it would be great if you could please help out Twiggy by subscribing to his channel so he can make a few extra Dollars to keep traveling, surfing, and bringing us crazy action like this.

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