CLASSIC SURF VIDEO: MENTAL SURFING VOLUME ONE : Barney, Mel, Curren, Fletcher, Archy, Rob, Beschen

In the early 90's surfing was reaching a previously unimaginable level. Mental Surfing asks the surfers what motivates them to keep pushing the limits! I993 and a quiet revolution is brewing up in Santa Cruz and San Clemente, California as the forefathers of modern performance surfing took to the air.  TR's videos broke ground as he captured the most innovative surfing being done at the time, full of above the lip tricks, airs and acrobatic surfing mixed with the most powerful carves, tube riding and big wave charging all- of which would eventually change history and would become a crucial part of the WSL judging criteria. Mental Surfing Volume One was undoubtedly before it's time so now it the time for it to get it's proper due and place in the history of surf video, surfing performance, and never before seen water video angles  of never before captured maneuvers.

Featuring: Adam Replogle, Rob Machado, Barney Barron, Liam McNamara, Garret McNamara, Justin Burns, Carlos Cabrero, Shane Beschen, Vince Collier, Jason Gantz, Christian Fletcher, Ken Skindog Collins, Matt Archbold, Zach Acker, Anthony Ruffo, Osh Frog Bartlett, Jeff Spencer, Marco Foreman, Richard Schmidt, Todd Miller, Josh Loya, Tom Curren, Todd Holland, Martin Potter, Luke Egan, Poto Davis, Tom Carroll, Sunny Garcia, Peter Mel and more.

Music credits listed on screen at end of video.

©1993 TR Productions

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