Surf culture-inspired art by artist Damien Clavé


Born in the Basque Country at the end of the seventies, Damien Clavé is the fruit of his region. He enjoys rugby, surfing, Southwestern gastronomy, férias and the singing accent he has kept.

Very young, his family noticed his predisposition for drawing but also for making objects.

As a teenager, he dreams of a career in comics and illustration.

After studying Visual Arts in Toulouse where he will learn many techniques, he is admitted to the CAPES competition. He taught for a few years in Eure-et-Loir before taking off in the sun in other tropics.

Teacher in Saint Pierre La Réunion, he continues to use his brushes for the pleasure of some initiates.

Forced by the lack of space to scribble on a tablet or on canvas or crates, Damien shares his vision of Reunion on social networks. His illustrations are acclaimed by all: the adventure begins ...

Damien’s vintage and modern style gives a timeless touch to all these places.

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