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Kristofer o Andarilho Roots 

Kristofer o Andarilho Roots is an extremely creative reggae musician. With roots not just in his name, but in the wonderful reggae music of Bob Marley, this man does Bob Marley’s songs great justice when he covers them.

Kristofer is known for his singing and his playing of a modified guitar. He adds percussion to his live performances using a drum stick and percussive instruments attached to his guitar.

His approach to playing the guitar is quite novel, certainly the percussion element. The style really does suit reggae music and so does his vocals and of course his image.

Kristofer is from Venezuela, but lives with his family in Sao Luis in Maranhao, Brazil. He grew up here in his family home where he also learned to play the guitar in his unique style.

His set up is exceptional and I’m sure it will be admired and copied by many other reggae artists in the future. The Music Man hopes to see much more from this talented artist, as we really love his videos.

His creativity and personality go a long way on social media, giving him a great platform to release his material to the public.

 If you want to see more from this awesome talented follow him on Facebook or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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