In this film we dive deep into the life of big wave surf photographer Dom Mosqueira. Spending his youth as a vagabond Dom sailed his way to Tahiti and never left. Living in proximity to one of the worlds biggest and most dangerous waves, Dom Mosqueira risks life and limb in pursuit of the perfect photograph of world class surfers riding the worlds most dangerous wave, Teahupo'o. Surf photography perfected through the lens of Dom Mosqueira.

He was born in Mexico, schooled in Canada, worked for Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands and discovered his new home, Tahiti, while sailing around French Polynesia — Dom Mosqueira might just be the most interesting photographer in the world. You’ve seen his work on the cover of SURFING and beyond, most often from the water at Teahupo’o.

We have always been fascinated with people who followed their passions, lived with an almost singular focus, and done so successfully. Living the type of lives that don’t fit into our societal norms. The lives most people dream of. The ones that leave us wondering how these people pull it off? What did they do differently that not only allowed them to pursue their passions, but were actually able to do so with real success. Leading self sufficient, thriving lives in high risk, unconventional ways.

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