NAZARÉ REVISITED | Nazaré Giant Historic Swell

Time goes by but nothing has changed, a big Nazaré clip still has as much effect!


Video from Ben de Sá.

On a historic swell day, everything goes very quickly. The first photos come out on the networks while the surfers are still in the water, "raw" videos emerge in their raw state, for 2 or 3 days we only talk about that ... But very quickly the bellows fall and our addicts look to other horizons.

Content creators know this and play the game knowing that their hot-served work isn't always showcased as it could. So when videographer Ben de Sá releases a remixed clip almost 4 months after the famous Epsilon swell, he probably knows it's too late to make the buzz ... But he loves a job well done, and on our side we thank him for making us dive back to Nazaré!

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