Goats seen catching waves while surfing in California

Anders Hamborg (left front) and Dana McGregor (right front) owner of The Surfing Goats of Pismo Beach surf with Pismo The Kid surfing goat.

Allen J Schaben/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock

These goats know how to catch some gnarly waves.

A couple of goats enjoyed the California surf and sun on Friday — and it was all in a day’s work.

The goats belong to Dana McGregor, who owns “The Surfing Goats” in Pismo Beach — an organization that provides surfing lessons to humans and critters.

McGregor shared a board with a goat named Pismo and some friends after giving a special needs child a surfing lesson at the San Clemente Pier in Orange County, according to photos taken by the Los Angeles Times.

“We are just trying to bring hope and healing to people’s hearts through surfing,” the instructor told the outlet.

The organization offers packages for family and friends who are looking to learn how to surf with or without goats, according to “The Surfing Goats” website.

Classes are given to “kids and adults who have special needs” as part of his “Beautifully-Abled” Surf Camp, McGregor told.

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