Australian weatherman pulls dead body from water during live broadcast

TV weatherman Luke Bradnam pulls body from water at Narrowneck on the Gold Coast

A body has been pulled from the surf on the Gold Coast by a TV weatherman who had just been live on air. 

Last week, Australian weatherman Luke Bradnam of 9News Gold Coast had just finished a live report on the Narrowneck region’s dangerous tidal conditions when a nearby beachgoer alerted him to a body in the water.
“I immediately stripped off and raced out with the boogie boarder,” he told in-studio anchors, a detail corroborated by Bradnam’s bare, ripped torso—something we assume is a prerequisite for all Australian weathermen. It wasn’t long before he realized that, yes, there was definitely a drowned corpse floating out there.

After Bradnam and his companion hauled the body through the surf, authorities identified the corpse as belonging to a man who had been missing since the previous night. Bradnam then hopped back on air to report on the event, thankfully avoiding any crass “I told you so’s.”

“But yeah, pretty harrowing scene down here,” he said instead, a much more muted and professional description. It was certainly more tactful than that time people confirmed the thing resembling a brain found on a beach was, in fact, a brain on the beach.

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