Surfing With Dolphins and Swimming with Whales in Turks and Caicos! Austin Keen

Video from Austin Keen.

Full Video of some of the most amazing moments of my life Surfing with dolphins and swimming with whales. The original Surfing with Dolphins in Turks and Caicos Edit when I won the first ever GoPro Million Dollar Challenge found here:

This was all filmed in 2.5 days in Turks and Caicos with WakeToWakewTC. This was probably one of the best trips of my life. We captured the dolphin subwing clip within our first hour on the boat! Absolutely stoked and honored to not only make the cut in the new GoPro Hero7 Promo Video, but to also make the cover! If you didn't see my instagram story (@AustinKeen), I'll say it again - THANK YOU ALL. Hopefully this will help my chances for a GoPro Sponsorship! HAHA! 

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