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Message from Flora Christin Butarbutar

1st Indo female competitive longboard surfer, Flora Christin Butarbutar shared on her Instagram account that she is not handling the pandemic well.

Hi my name is Flora
Yes that Flora who posted amazing photos of her travels, surf and adventures
But I’m going to be honest with you that I’m going through a crazy tough time.

This pandemic has made me crazy, I haven’t been working since March, I have lots of free times
I have been crying a lot
At first I didn’t know what’s wrong with me till I did bunch of silly things and someone suggested me to see a therapist.

Found an amazing therapist through a friend
My therapist thinks that I have PTSD
I’m that type of person who will not tell anyone about my feelings, I will only show people how strong I am.
I’ve been holding on to these problems from years, I buried them so deep
This Pandemic triggers everything
And here I’m finally dealing with it.

We are all in this crazy times together, we all feel that roller coaster ride.

What I’m trying to say here is that if you have this kinda problems
Go find someone to talk to
Go find help
It’s ok to ask for help
It’s ok to vulnerable
Remember that you are not alone!

In my experience
Seeing a therapist is probably the best thing I’ve done this year
I’ve been struggling for months and I kept it all to myself
I’m in this new journey to heal myself
A new adventure and I’m gonna come out stronger
Sending you guys lots of love❤️
Well done on being open and vulnerable with what you've been and still going through... Us, and I'm sure millions of other people are going through similar situations. A therapist and surfing work as well.

We Will win this life game flora stay strong!!

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