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Australian surfer Mikey Wright in dramatic surf rescue

Australian pro surfer Mikey Wright has been filmed saving a beachgoer who was struggling in the surf on Oahu’s north shore.

Mikey Wright, the brother of World Surfing Champion Tyler Wright, has saved a life in dramatic scenes on Hawaii.

Just over a week from Tyler’s win at the Roxy Pro, the two-time world champion was with her brother and friends at Ke Iki Beach in Hawaii on New Year’s Eve afternoon.

“Oh no, he’s getting dragged out,” a woman said on the video.

In the background, Mikey, who appeared to be holding the camera, said “he’s going to need to be saved” before racing into action.

“You can’t save him,” someone else said.

The camera dropped but when it came back up, Mikey was sprinting down the beach towards the choppy surf.

He wasn’t the only one but he was the only one able to make it out to a woman who was bobbing in the water.

While it appeared to be shallow, the water was ferocious, knocking down the surfer and the other potential rescuers.

At one point, he even had to hold the woman he was saving as a huge wave smashed into his back.

But a group of others — including Tyler — were finally able to get to Mikey and the woman and drag them away from the water.

Mikey told The Saturday Telegraphthat he pulled his phone out and filmed the bystanders trying to save the woman but quickly realised he needed to help.

Lifeguards were performing another rescue down the beach at the time.

“Then I realised it was getting pretty dangerous so I gave my wife my phone and said ‘let’s go get her’,” he said.

“She was trying to come in (over the rocks) and I said ‘we have to go down the beach’.

“We ended up grabbing a hold of her and going down with the current. I just said to her ‘don’t let go and hold on’.”

He added he only had a few scratches on his back after the incident and was glad the woman was safe.

Tyler also told The Saturday Telegraph that the pair’s surf lifesaving training kicked in with one of the pair going into the surf and the other directing from the beach.

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