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10 Minute Stretches for Surfers | Yoga with Aloha

A lifelong surfer and yogi himself, Clyde shows us how to avoid injury with a few simple stretches before paddling out. This gentle stretching sequence focuses on the five movements of the spine and is great for anyone looking to generate a healthy blood flow throughout the body. 

Clyde Matsusaka's Teacher Bio:
I have maintained a daily yoga practice since 2008.  I started at Bikram Yoga Santa Clara under the guidance of Abhi Sagar, who was very influential in my practice.  I completed a 1500 day yoga challenge there.  I was also practicing the Advanced Bikram Yoga series in San Jose, which includes 84 postures.  When I moved back to Hawaii in 2012, I couldn’t find any studio that taught this sequence.  In 2015, I started Ashtanga yoga which I felt was the closest and most challenging asana practice.  Today I practice Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style at Purple Yoga.  I have been teaching yoga since 2013 and I am 500 RYT certified.  Besides yoga, I love surfing, which I believe is a great combo with yoga.

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