New Jersey: Bombing Winter Swell

Video from NumbSkulls

It's not often New Jersey surfers are blessed with a day of surf with the size and conditions we had on December 1st 2020. There are only a handful of swells (Doomsday, Stella) that cement themselves as bench mark days here in New Jersey. They don't happen often, but when everything does align and this amount of swell energy hits our sandbars just right, our beach breaks are (pound for pound) some of the best in the world. This day was right up there with the rest of the day of days and it couldn't have come at a better time with the start of @Surfline Wave of The Winter contest period. Enjoy some highlights from one of the biggest, best Jersey days in recent memory and the first bombing swell of the winter. If this is any indication of things to come this season, we are in for a good one!

Surfers: Rob Kelly, Balaram Stack, Sam Hammer, Pat Schmidt, Zach Humphryes, Brendan_tighe_, Brad Flora, Mark Gilmartin, and more.

Film by: Ryan Simalchick
Additional Footage: Matt Paul and Russ Roe

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