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Coast Guard takes on giant surf in epic training session

Episode II - “Freedom is a Feeling”

Video from SALTYvism.
The very young surfer Enrico Malha, with only 11 years of age, had several travels cancelled in 2020 to film a surf documentary called SALTYvism, about an impactful adventure that will highlight beach pollution awareness in different locations. The quarantine updates are constant and affect even a young kid, staying up on the news never felt more important, however, there is another perspective.

The stream of heavy, sometimes terrifying information can be boring for a kid. It’s a reality that’s only exacerbated by no school, a new virtual classroom and travel bans – regulations are necessary but for him results in fewer hugs and canceled surf trips.

If the state of the world has been getting you down, this second episode takes a moment to look at the bright side, your freedom. There’s plenty to laugh at, celebrate, and be inspired by - and this short movie brings some nuggets of good moments captured on a beautiful time at home, feeling your freedom.

Quarantine sucks but everything is going to be alright.

New surf trips await! Be safe.

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