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The Dominator II: Watch Timmy Reyes Return from Injury (The Wire Podcast).

The Dominator II is a brand new Helium Shape by the original Dominator designer, Dan Mann.

As Timmy Reyes discusses in this episode, the Dominator was a round tailed all-round shortboard by Dan Mann that came out in 2008. 

The all new and updated Dominator II is a shape that Timmy describe as 'smoother' than the previous Dominator, even smoother than the Spitfire, another shape from Dan Mann that Timmy calls a favorite.

This episode of The Wire Podcast covers much more than just the Dominator II, such as:

- Why Timmy wears a collard shirt every Monday, and what its like to not have a 'real job'.

- The fin system that Timmy says feels the loosest, and the fin system that Timmy says feels the most drivey.

- The reason that Timmy usually doesn't surf on foggy days.

- Why Timmy may 'un-retire' from competition this coming year in Santa Cruz.

- The Huntington Beach resident who surfs Huntington Beach Pier more than anyone (Hint: it's not Timmy)

- The way that Huntington Beach 'makes wind' like a factory.

...and much more. 


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