Relaxing ocean sunrise for 25 minutes (shot in 4K)

A relaxing, meditative & immersive 25 minutes in the ocean. one continuous shot, in 4K. relax, watch & focus on your breathing.
I'd recommend watching this on the largest screen you have. this will help you relax, calm your mind and even help you get to sleep. this is also a great visual video to have playing on a loop in your home or business. in waiting rooms, lobbies, foyers, cafes, living rooms or anywhere you need some beautiful ocean visuals.
Licensed via Epidemic Sounds 00:00 Blue Adrian — 369 03:04 Desolate Blur — Jobii 06:00 Remove The Complexities — Peter Sandberg 08:09 Big Sky — Gavin Luke 10:38 Aurelian — S.A. Karl 13:02 Broken Pieces — Gavin Luke 15:42 We Live On — Gavin Luke 18:33 A Whisper In The Dark — Gavin Luke 20:50 Nadir — Gavin Luke 23:15 Summer Memories — Gavin Luke

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