Pro surfer says ‘yes’ after stuntman pops the question while hanging from a helicopter.

VENTURA, Calif. - When a mutual friend introduced champion longboarder and professional surfer Mary Osborne to stuntman Lance Gilbert it led to a proposal in the air.

Gilbert made sure to have the diamond ring attached to a floating device in case his nerves of steel got away from him.

Osborne didn't have a clue.

They had taken off for a fun flight from Malibu to Catalina Island where friends were waiting on boats below.

After she said "yes" the newly-engaged couple flew in another stunt pilot's plane to Santa Paula Airport where friends were waiting to celebrate in an airplane hanger.

The bride-to-be said it was amazing. That's something coming from a surfer who was the first woman to ride China's 30-foot Qiantang River tidal bore.

Osborne's mother Tina Osborne of Solimar Beach said she has never seen Mary look so happy.

"Mary always told Lance that she was two feet in the relationship and two feet out of the relationship, so Lance had the idea that he would have her jump out of a helicopter with him, and that meant that they were going to plunge into life together, ya know, two feet first, for the rest of their life together, and so that is what they did. Out of the helicopter they jumped at Catalina Island into the ocean and we couldn't be happier with Lance. He is an incredible, kind man, and we love his family, we just bonded right away,"said Tina Osborne.

Osborne has been busy teaching surfing during the pandemic.

The owner of Osborne Surf Camps and Solymar Salon now has a wedding to plan.

Friend aren't sure how she will top the proposal.

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