Belharra vs Hurricane Epsilon

On October 29, Belharra was unveiled off the Basque Corniche. Thanks to "Epsilon", a category 3 former hurricane with a particularly deep low pressure system, the rocky shoal allowed the swell trains to bend their direction before inflating and breaking. We followed the Landes Rémi Arauzo and Léo Havion in the hours leading up to this memorable session, before boarding a boat to witness the premature awakening of this exceptional wave, located three kilometers from the coast.

Director: Camille Le Saux for Surf-Report
Music: "Ocean Hymn" - Nash Howe (
Riders: Rémi Arauzo, Léo Havion, Pierre Rollet, Peyo Lizarazu, Stéphane Iralour, Gautier Garanx, Matthieu Aguirre, Titouan Galea ...

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