The Pursuit: Full Surf Movie

The Pursuit reflects the lives of motivated, up-and-coming, young surfers from around the globe. Filmed in South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Samoa, Tahiti, California, France, Nicaragua, Mexico, the movie features high-performance maneuvers by a new generation of WSQ surfers who are pushing the envelope of progressive performance surfing. 

An hour and ten minutes of non stop surf. Each section starting with a short interview, a nice glimpse into the personalities of the surfers. No section disappoints. As far as the insane surfing, we’re talking huge superman airs, rodeos, one footed Tom Curren tail slides, deep heavy barrels, you name it, and this movie has it, multiple times over.

The film’s impressive talent line-up includes none other than: Brett Simpson, Jordy Smith, Ricky Basnett, Pat Gudauskas, Dusty Payne, Torrey Meister, Tanner Gudauskas, Brad Ettinger, Travis Mellem, Cheyne Cottrell, Dede Suryana, Sebastian Zietz, Mitch Coleborn, and Nathaniel Curran. With a voice-over introduction from surf legend, Kelly Slater, The Pursuit doesn’t fail to impress. 

The film explores the raw passion and drive that compels young athletes to take risks and ultimately succeed in the surf world as well as in life.

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