Sail for surf is the story of Collin Martins, a french chef with only one goal in mind: surfing. The virus was born at the age of 3 when his parents put him on a surfboard. It often starts like this. But the course of Collin and his passion for surfing is really atypical and unique.

In his quest for a wave, he decides to cross a step in 2017 when he wanted to be autonomous on the peninsula with a sailboat. Without any knowledge in the field, he carried out a professional training of marine navigation, bought a sailboat and took as headland Indonesia.

4-5 months a year, Collin finds himself on his boat sailing in the archipelago.

His unique goal: surfing
How: in autonomy on his sailboat
Feeding: in autonomy with underwater fishing

Collin is a person who lives for and by surfing. He devotes his life to it. He works only for that purpose.

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